Version 2.7 of TagMyDoc is now available


Version 2.7 of TagMyDoc is now available

We are thrilled to announce that version 2.7 of TagMyDoc is now available to all our users.

Labels make search and consultation easier

One of the main updates in this version is the new Labels feature.

What are labels and how to use them? 

Labels are statuses, properties, and attributes that can be added to files, secure spaces, folders and messages. They are only visible to internal members inside the organization that assigns them.

For a given file, it is possible for an organization X to add labels, and for an organization Y to do the same without these being visible to the internal members of the other organization. This facilitates collaboration within a team. It is also possible for anyone within the organization to add, edit or remove a label. Users also have the ability to do a search by label.

Note : The Label feature is only available to users with a trial period or a paid account.

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