Implementation of a secure client-messaging: 9 pitfalls to avoid 💡

Here are the 9 pitfalls to avoid when evaluating and integrating a technology solution to secure exchanges with your clients: 1. Hasty Selection of Non-Scalable Solutions: Opting for a solution without considering scalability can lead to costly transitions. Savvy companies evaluate future growth potential, preserving the initial investment. Example: Choosing a messaging platform that doesn't support integration with other crucial tools, limiting scalability as the company grows. 2. Ignoring In-Depth User Needs Analysis: Effective technologies precisely meet user needs. Skipping thorough analysis can result in unused features and minimal adoption. Understand business processes and tailor the technology accordingly. Example: Implementing a messaging solution with complex but unused features (or very difficult to use), creating resistance to adoption. 3. Neglecting Training: Even the best technology will fail if users don't adopt it. Invest in robust training to ensure widespread

New features in Convoflo, Version 2.11

Whether you are an accountant, a notary or a lawyer, you can discover the benefits of Convoflo’s new features; a secure, simple and user-friendly client messaging platform. 1. Customizable file requests   Users can easily choose the destination folder for each type of document, enabling them to efficiently organize and distribute information for tax filings and other work processes.   2. Future message reminders   No more important deadline oversights! Members can schedule tasks and track their progress to ensure strict adherence to deadlines and commitments.   3. Batch folder creation   In addition to saving time, members are allowed to organize their client documents and streamline their administrative workflow.   4. Batch label changes   To facilitate information retrieval and document management, users can efficiently organize client files by modifying the labels of multiple items.   5. Display of read notifications   Users can easily track the status of notifications and client me

Your clients with email addresses ending in "hotmail/" are not receiving your Convoflo notifications?

Your clients with email addresses ending in "hotmail/" are not receiving your Convoflo notifications? Firstly, we understand that the situation is not ideal. However, here is a solution to help your client retrieve their content and/or sign their documents. To begin with, this problem is intermittent and is targeted for email accounts ending in and If your client cannot find the notification email, ask them to check their junk/spam folder. If the email is found, simply open it and click on the button. If after searching, your client still cannot find the notification email, they can log in directly to their secure space and quickly retrieve, send, or sign their documents. We continue to monitor and optimize our systems. However, after multiple checks, we adhere to all the highest standards for the acceptance of incoming emails in various email inboxes on the market. It is worth noting that Microsoft ( and is one of t

Say hello to Convoflo version 2.10

Introducing the new version of Convoflo, where innovation and user-friendliness converge to enhance your user experience, efficiency, and data confidentiality. New Default Values: Personalized Control Now, customize your organizational settings with default values directly from the organization settings page. This feature provides increased flexibility, allowing users to choose settings that perfectly align with their specific needs. Advanced File Management: Editable and Download Control Benefit from improved file management by defining file editability and restricting downloads as per your requirements. This feature grants increased control over shared content, providing enhanced security and control. Label Automation: Boost Message Productivity Automated labeling when adding a message offers intelligent organization of your secure spaces. Test this feature to simplify and expedite the categorization process. Easy User Data Export Users can now export their data with just a few click

Say hello to Convoflo: Our New Name, Same Vision of Excellence

Dear customers and partners, I am thrilled to announce a major milestone in our evolution: TagMyDoc is now Convoflo. This transformation goes beyond a simple name change; it embodies a refined vision and a renewed mission that have been shaped over the years. That said, this name change is not the result of an acquisition by another company. The name "Convoflo" stands for efficiency in a secure client messaging environment. Since our inception in 2010, we have come a long way with determination and ambition. Today, Convoflo continues to carry that torch, with an unwavering passion for what we do. Our mission is now clearer than ever: to help professional services firms unlock their full productivity potential. By offering a secure and user-friendly client messaging solution, we aspire to empower every professional to take control of their time and focus on what truly matters. We believe that despite the challenges and distractions inherent in professional life, nothing should

TagMyDoc receives the prestigious "Best Value 2023" badge from Capterra

TagMyDoc receives the prestigious "Best Value 2023" badge from Capterra We are delighted to announce that TagMyDoc has received the prestigious "Best Value 2023" badge from Capterra. This recognition testifies to our continuous commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that deliver real value to our users. The Capterra "Best Value" badge is awarded to companies that stand out for their exceptional quality-to-price ratio, meaning users get a high-quality product at a competitive price. We are extremely proud to be among the leaders in this category. At TagMyDoc, we understand the importance of offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to simplify document and communication management within businesses. Our secure client-messaging and document-sharing solution offers a plethora of powerful features to meet the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why TagMyDoc has been distinguished by Capterra as "Best Value 20

Say hello to TagMyDoc version 2.8.1!

Say hello to TagMyDoc version 2.8.1! In today's business world, effective communication with your clients is essential for maintaining their satisfaction and growing your business. That's why TagMyDoc has developed a robust client messaging platform, offering numerous features to facilitate your exchanges and optimize your customer relationships. In this article, we'll explore in detail the TagMyDoc client messaging system and how it can enhance your customer experience. Summary Inbox :  The TagMyDoc client messaging summary is a valuable tool that allows you to have an overview of all your communications with your clients. It summarizes messages, files, signature requests, and secure spaces related to each client, helping you stay organized and not miss anything important. New feature as of June 2023 :   Starting from June 2023, we have made a significant improvement to the management of unread notifications. Now, only notifications from the past 6 months will be counted i

Version 2.7.2 of TagMyDoc is now available

Version 2.7.2 of TagMyDoc is now available We are excited to introduce two exciting new features that enhance the user experience of TagMyDoc. Discover how these features can be used in a professional context: Read Receipt: You can now enable read receipts for your messages. Once activated, you will receive a notification as soon as your message is viewed for the first time. This feature allows you to track recipient engagement and effectively follow up on important communications. Modification of Automated Rules: Modifying automated rules within an organization is now more intuitive. When making changes to automated file deletion rules in a secure space, for example, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to apply these changes to all existing secure spaces. This feature saves you time and simplifies rule management for your entire organization. For our users of the electronic signature module , we also have a new addition. This feature allows you to keep your workspace organize

TagMyDoc Named Leader in User-Friendliness by Capterra

TagMyDoc Named Leader in User-Friendliness by Capterra We are thrilled to announce that TagMyDoc has been recognized as a leader in user-friendliness by Capterra , a software review and comparison website. This recognition is based on feedback and impressions from real users, who have highlighted our solution's ease of use and simplicity. At TagMyDoc, we are committed to providing a secure and user-friendly messaging and document sharing solution for our clients. Our platform allows for bidirectional document sharing and electronic signature capabilities, all while prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. We believe that effective communication and document sharing is key to the success of any business, and we are proud to be leading the charge in making this process as simple and straightforward as possible. We know that our clients have busy schedules and complex needs, which is why we have designed TagMyDoc to be both intuitive and efficient. We want to thank our clients for the

[TagMyDoc Labels] When your productivity makes your colleagues' lives easier

When your productivity makes your colleagues' lives easier Here's a short case study to understand how a company gains efficiency with the new TagMyDoc labels feature. With TagMyDoc, the firm can create a secure space for each client and invite clients to share the required documents in this space. Clients can directly upload the documents into the secure space, and the firm can easily access the documents from this space. Additionally, the firm can add tags to each uploaded document, indicating the document type and status (e.g., "tax receipt," "pending processing"). This allows the firm to quickly identify documents that require attention, as well as their level of priority. For collecting client information for the upcoming tax period, TagMyDoc's tagging functionality would be very useful for organizing documents, and information could use tags to sort receipts by client, document type (e.g., charity receipts, medical bills, dividend statements, etc.)