Why should I use TagMyDoc?

Although it's too easy to say that using TagMyDoc alone for its sensitive data sharing and confidential discussions is a real benefit, telling you why is our ultimate mandate.

Let me first ask you a simple question. How does your personal data circulate on the web? If you answered that they are circulating by email, I would like to tell you that they are highly vulnerable and may be intercepted, among other things, to be used for resale or ransom in exchange for 'a sum of money.

TagMyDoc is a turnkey platform that will always keep you away from this threat. Constantly evolving and with the latest encryption technologies, TagMyDoc is distinguished by its avant-garde secure space system protected by a password unique to everyone. Your data is well kept in our Canadian servers safe from malefactors. The implementation of the platform within your company will be quick and unambiguous. Your customers will be eager to thank you for offering them a sharing solution that is so simple and beneficial.

You would like to have the chance to try it, rejoice and contact our team of experts who will be happy to offer you the best service so that you can make the most of the platform during your period free trial.

You are already a customer but would like that someone around you can also benefit from increased security when sharing confidential data, we offer an SEO program that could be beneficial for you as well as for the person referred.

Do not waste your time and opt for TagMyDoc, the safest solution for confidential sharing.

TagMyDoc, a look to the future.