Say hello to Convoflo version 2.10

Introducing the new version of Convoflo, where innovation and user-friendliness converge to enhance your user experience, efficiency, and data confidentiality.

  1. New Default Values: Personalized Control
    • Now, customize your organizational settings with default values directly from the organization settings page. This feature provides increased flexibility, allowing users to choose settings that perfectly align with their specific needs.
    • Advanced File Management: Editable and Download Control
    • Benefit from improved file management by defining file editability and restricting downloads as per your requirements. This feature grants increased control over shared content, providing enhanced security and control.
  2. Label Automation: Boost Message Productivity
    • Automated labeling when adding a message offers intelligent organization of your secure spaces. Test this feature to simplify and expedite the categorization process.
  3. Easy User Data Export
    • Users can now export their data with just a few clicks. Access your account settings page, press the export button, and a .csv file containing essential details, such as members, their permissions, and sharing dates, will be generated. A simple way to stay in control of your information.
  4. Transfer Ownership of Secure Spaces
    • Provide greater flexibility in secure spaces management by allowing ownership transfer. Creators can now assign the owner role to other internal users, simplifying the transition and organization of responsibilities.
  5. Label Dashboard: Comprehensive View
    • Regarding content with a label, users can view files, secure spaces/folders, and messages directly from the label dashboard. The filtering function offers a more personalized experience.
  6. New Guided Tour for "Full" Users
    • Users with full access (including those in the trial period) will now have access to a guided tour covering various aspects of the interface, including the home, root files, inbox, notifications, profile, multi-factor authentication, secure space sharing, and secure space creation.

These new features reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement and customization of your Convoflo experience. Explore these new features today and discover how they can enhance the efficiency of your document management. Stay tuned for our upcoming developments!