New features in Convoflo, Version 2.11

Whether you are an accountant, a notary or a lawyer, you can discover the benefits of Convoflo’s new features; a secure, simple and user-friendly client messaging platform.

1. Customizable file requests


Users can easily choose the destination folder for each type of document, enabling them to efficiently organize and distribute information for tax filings and other work processes.


2. Future message reminders


No more important deadline oversights! Members can schedule tasks and track their progress to ensure strict adherence to deadlines and commitments.


3. Batch folder creation


In addition to saving time, members are allowed to organize their client documents and streamline their administrative workflow.


4. Batch label changes


To facilitate information retrieval and document management, users can efficiently organize client files by modifying the labels of multiple items.


5. Display of read notifications


Users can easily track the status of notifications and client messages, staying informed in real-time and responding quickly to important requests and information.


6. Display of secure space sharing message


This feature allows users to provide clear instructions and important information to their clients securely. Effective communication, what could be better?

These new features will enable users to optimize their workflow and improve productivity. Provide an exceptional client experience while simplifying your work processes.


Contact us here for any comments or inquiries; our team will strive to follow up promptly. Stay tuned for our upcoming developments!