5 trends in document management for 2016

The New Year is coming and this is an excellent reason to kick off 2016 with the best organizational procedures! Here are five trends in document management that will increase productivity within your company:
  1. Cloud: Some companies are still reluctant, but nevertheless, using cloud computing is an approach that is increasingly adopted. It allows you to access your documents at any time, anywhere and from any device: you just need an Internet connection!
  2. Mobile friendly: Professionals are often on the road and travel frequently for business. This is why mobile devices are important for mobile workers, even more than computers. Accessing your documents right from your smartphone becomes a must for 2016!
  3. Collaboration: A lack of communication in the workplace can lead to mistakes such as working with out-of-date documents or redoing the work. Therefore, your document management tools really need features that promote collaboration between employees and facilitate the sharing of documents, discussions and revision processes for example. Well executed teamwork is the key to ensure quality in your projects!
  4. Scalability: The software that you will implement to manage your documents needs to scale alongside your business. If the company is quickly growing, you should use a tool that will fit your new needs without causing additional problems.
  5. Transparency: Too many systems require heavy business processes or a major change in the way you actually work in order to truly answer your needs. However, if you want a successful and quick implementation, the ease of use of a software is vital: several companies have been discouraged by long and exhausting implementations. Moreover, these software cost a lot and you end up using only a few features on a daily basis. Try to find an easy-to-use tool that will match your most important needs or combine different solutions to manage your documents in the best way possible!
Finally, it’s important to establish a document management strategy for 2016 in order to stay efficient and competitive. This will improve everyone’s productivity, facilitate communication and allow instant access to up-to-date information. Being aware of the importance of your documents for your organization while making sure that you use the best tools to manage these documents is an important commitment to the prosperity of your business!