Cool, but I'm already using Google Drive...

Google Drive and Google Docs are great tools, but they fail to solve one of the great problems brought on by the multiplication and proliferation of digital files. In fact, they exacerbate it.

With more and more versions of the same document moving around Google Drive and everyone organizing, naming and filing collaborative documents following their personal method, finding the latest version of a document becomes a tedious and costly process that prevents you from getting your work done.

Of course, you can implement a filing method, but humans are notoriously fickle. You can give people a protocol, but you cannot be sure that they will follow it.

The problem becomes even worse when two corporations collaborate:
  1. There are now two different official filing methods
  2. The “human factor” risk is doubled, because the more people work on a document, the greater the risk of documentary disconnection becomes.
It is well known that the best way to manage people, is to let them believe they aren't being managed. And this is the driving concept here at TagMyDoc

So What’s TagMyDoc?

Whenever we try to explain “what is TagMyDoc” we get asked the same question: what’s the difference between your app and Google Docs, and incidentally Google Drive?

The question is valid. After all, TagMyDoc is a collaborative and cloud based tool. While these aspects are essentials, they aren’t what makes TagMyDoc unique on the market.

TagMyDoc has been conceive to be seamlessly integrated with your method of work, so that you don’t have to change it. Open any copy of any version of the document, and voilĂ  you have access to the information you need. It doesn’t matter if your colleagues named the document differently or misfiled it on Google Drive and even if it was saved on another device. As long as the document is tagged you will be able to access the latest version.

Think about our patented technology as a tracking chip for your documents that lets you know if the copy you have opened contains the latest changes as well as giving you the possibility to retrieve them with a simple click. Stop wasting time searching through your Google Drive in order to find the latest version of the document.

With TagMyDoc, just start working.