Managing the document disconnect - Part II

PART II: Managing the document disconnect with TagMyDoc

In the first installment of our post on the document disconnect we explained the phenomenon and its cost.

We will now list some of the problems identified by the IDC report, that businesses face and how TagMyDoc can help solve them.

With TagMyDoc, your documents can be accessed using any device and the information you need will always be the right one, even if it changes at the very last minute.

Take the example of John, who works for company X.

This morning John has a meeting with a client to submit an offer. Earlier this morning, the price for a commodity changed. John’s coworker Sacha changed the price on his version and emailed it to everyone, but John was already at the meeting. Now, if John did not have TagMyDoc, he may have not presented the right information to the client. But John has TagMyDoc and when he opened up the contract to present it to his client, he had access the new version, since it had been secured with the TagMyDoc technology.

Now let’s say John only has a hard copy of the contract, what would happen? With the Validating Tag, which will have been place on the contract, John could use his phone to verify if the hard copy he has with him, still contains accurate information and if need be, bring the changes he was not aware of.

Now let us say that John simply e-mailed the document to his client, but sent the wrong version of the file because his desktop looks like this:

Considering that your document now carries the TagMyDoc tag, your collaborators don’t have to be using the same applications or document management system to access the information you want them to have. No matter how much the document travels around or is modified by others, everyone will always have a way to access the latest version of it.

It does not matter if you, your collaborators or your clients are using a computer, a tablet, a phone or a hard copy, as long as you have an internet connection,  everyone will always be on the same page!

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