Version 2.7.2 of TagMyDoc is now available

Version 2.7.2 of TagMyDoc is now available


We are excited to introduce two exciting new features that enhance the user experience of TagMyDoc. Discover how these features can be used in a professional context:

Read Receipt: You can now enable read receipts for your messages. Once activated, you will receive a notification as soon as your message is viewed for the first time. This feature allows you to track recipient engagement and effectively follow up on important communications.

Modification of Automated Rules: Modifying automated rules within an organization is now more intuitive. When making changes to automated file deletion rules in a secure space, for example, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to apply these changes to all existing secure spaces. This feature saves you time and simplifies rule management for your entire organization.

For our users of the electronic signature module, we also have a new addition. This feature allows you to keep your workspace organized and remove unnecessary layouts.

We are delighted to offer these enhancements to help optimize your communication and document management processes. Enjoy these new features and feel free to share your feedback and suggestions to further improve your experience with TagMyDoc.

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Louis-Philippe Taschereau, Director Customer Success at TagMyDoc
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