The TagMyDoc Reflex is as simple as a snap!

We understand that your mailbox is essential in your daily life and that is why the TagMyDoc platform uses your mailbox to send secured alerts. These alerts contain a button that links directly to the desired location in your TagMyDoc account. You only need to use the blue button in your secured email alert.

From this secured email alert you can:

  1. 1.Follow up on a request for documents
  2. 2.Reply to a message
  3. 3.File a document
  4. 4.Write a message

The statistics are shattering about our customers and their use of the platform. 80% of our customers use it through their inbox by using the button in the secure email alert. According to them, this is the best way to immediately adopt the TagMyDoc tool and to fully benefit their customers.

I leave you now to sharpen your reflexes using the platform because TagMyDoc is even more simple and intuitive than your mailbox!