Security, security and even more security!

You are the type of person who wants to overprotect your data and it is quite legitimate in a world where the exchange of messages and documents are becoming more and more online. It is therefore essential to double caution by securing more your TagMyDoc secure spaces.

Two new features have been developed to this end:

1 - Auto Logout (for administrator only)

We have developed a "double security" feature to increase the security of your Secure Spaces. In fact, by definition, a TagMyDoc Secure Space is already very secure but you can now increase this aspect by defining the amount of inactivity required for a client session to end automatically.

How am I doing it? As an administrator, you are in control. You can set this time frame by going into your account to "My Organization" and then to "Settings".

So, your client's session will close automatically if it's idle for the number of times you have chosen. If he wants to return to his session, his password will be asked again so that he can continue to navigate his space. Exactly like big banks do it with their online users, but you also have the option of choosing the desired idle time!
* Note that by default the value is set to 60 minutes.

2 - Increased Security

A second feature that allows you to further increase the security of your data is to force the password request when one of your customers or partners moves from one secure space to another. To do this, click on the three points at the far right of the secure space and click on "Secure Space Settings". You will see a selection box called "Increased Security". Select it and when your customer wants to re-enter this secure area, they will need to enter their account password. You'll have more peace of mind and even less worry about the security of your data and that of your customers.

With TagMyDoc, your data are in good hands!