3 Things you probably didn’t know you could do with TagMyDoc

TagMyDoc is very useful, but are you using it to its full potential?

In this article, we propose some uses more unknown to our users, but just as useful and innovative!

  1. 1- Add an expiration date to a document
  2. Each of your documents has the option of having an expiration date. So, if you are of the "mission impossible" type and would like your document to self-destruct at a specific time, it is possible! Indeed, by clicking on the three small dots to the right of the title of your document, you can access the parameters. You only have to determine your date at the exact second and the document will automatically be deleted when it reaches the due date. Very effective for temporary projects or confidential documents.
  3. 2- Create lists of tasks to do between colleagues
  4. You must first create a TagMyDoc secure space and then add one or more colleagues. Then, from the secure space discussion area, you can create to-do lists and keep an eye on the tasks that have been done by you and your colleagues. Create your list and each time a task is accomplished, you just have to click on "modify" under the message and then to block it. This way, you will always know what tasks your colleague has done without having to disturb you. An excellent project management tool!
  5. 3- Write a note on a document
  6. TagMyDoc allows you to leave a note on a document so that you always have peace of mind when you need to let a customer or partner know what changes you have made to a document recently. Just click on the document and then in the left portion of the screen click on "note" and on the "add a note" button. Write your note and click on the "add" button. In this way, you make sure that your message passes at the best possible moment when it opens.
This list will be updated in the coming weeks to give you other new things to do with TagMyDoc!