Say hello to TagMyDoc version 2.8.1!

Say hello to TagMyDoc version 2.8.1!

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In today's business world, effective communication with your clients is essential for maintaining their satisfaction and growing your business. That's why TagMyDoc has developed a robust client messaging platform, offering numerous features to facilitate your exchanges and optimize your customer relationships. In this article, we'll explore in detail the TagMyDoc client messaging system and how it can enhance your customer experience.

Summary Inbox : The TagMyDoc client messaging summary is a valuable tool that allows you to have an overview of all your communications with your clients. It summarizes messages, files, signature requests, and secure spaces related to each client, helping you stay organized and not miss anything important.

New feature as of June 2023 : Starting from June 2023, we have made a significant improvement to the management of unread notifications. Now, only notifications from the past 6 months will be counted in the unread counter. This will keep your interface cleaner and allow you to focus on recent communications. However, you can use the "View All" button to quickly access the complete history of your communications.

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The TagMyDoc client messaging system is a powerful tool to enhance your communication with your clients. With its advanced features such as the summary inbox, electronic signature requests, and secure spaces, you can easily manage your exchanges and maintain optimal customer satisfaction. Don't miss the opportunity to leverage these new features and strengthen your client relationships with TagMyDoc.

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