[TagMyDoc Labels] When your productivity makes your colleagues' lives easier

When your productivity makes your colleagues' lives easier

Here's a short case study to understand how a company gains efficiency with the new TagMyDoc labels feature.

With TagMyDoc, the firm can create a secure space for each client and invite clients to share the required documents in this space. Clients can directly upload the documents into the secure space, and the firm can easily access the documents from this space. Additionally, the firm can add tags to each uploaded document, indicating the document type and status (e.g., "tax receipt," "pending processing").

This allows the firm to quickly identify documents that require attention, as well as their level of priority. For collecting client information for the upcoming tax period, TagMyDoc's tagging functionality would be very useful for organizing documents, and information could use tags to sort receipts by client, document type (e.g., charity receipts, medical bills, dividend statements, etc.), process stage (receipt, verified, approved), or due date (e.g., documents that need to be produced before April 1st).

Moreover, accountants could use tags to indicate the progress status of each client's tax process, such as "waiting for information," "documents complete," "tax filed," etc. By using tags, accountants could quickly find relevant files for each client and track the progress of information collection without having to spend time searching for documents manually or requesting updates from their clients.

Overall, TagMyDoc's tagging functionality would greatly facilitate the work of accountants during the tax period. By using TagMyDoc and the tagging feature, the accounting firm ABC can easily collect the required documents for the upcoming tax period and have an overview of the document status for each client. This allows the firm to work more efficiently and better serve its clients. 

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