Version 2.4 of TagMyDoc is now available

 Version 2.4 of TagMyDoc is now available!

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We are thrilled to announce that version 2.4 of TagMyDoc is now available to all our users.

This new version strengthens our positioning in relation to our mission: Provide a digital sharing solution with the best experience for the recipient.

The main new features are:

1) New Formatting for Sent Messages

  • Improved quality of your messages, thanks to a better stability and new formatting features.
  • A complete rewrite of the text entry is now available for messages, pre-written messages, secure space sharing, and referencing system. 

2) Message Subject

  • Users can now customize the subject of alert emails sent using the "@" button in the text entry box.
  • You can contextualize your messages in order to reduce the time needed to consult them. 

3) User Title

  • You can indicate your function by setting a title, which will appear right under your username in the Messaging section.
  • This means that you now have the ability to add your job title, inspiring trust in your clients.

4) Verified Account

  • To further inspire trust, you can add a badge to your avatar showing your customers that your users do work for your organization.

5) Signature

  • Just like with emails, you can create a signature to be added to all the messages you send via TagMyDoc encrypted messaging.

6) Customizable Dates & Times

  • For more accuracy when analyzing dates in your interactions with customers.

Don’t have a TagMyDoc account yet? Start your free trial here and start simplifying and securing your digital sharing operations today.

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Louis-Philippe Taschereau, Director Customer Success at TagMyDoc
" I want all users to take full advantage of the daily benefits that the TagMyDoc solution has to offer. I provide them with personalized support to achieve this goal."