Simplify communication with your clients

A communication history...

Since the beginning of its existence, the human being communicates whether by a gesture, by images or by sounds. Our world is constantly changing and so our ways of communicating are changing as well. Take for example the phone, appeared in the late 1800s, which makes us a huge leap to finally propel us where we are so far. Since the advent of the internet, our means of communication have greatly increased in terms of speed. Sending an email has become a common practice. But is it safe to communicate your sensitive data via email? Every day more and more people are communicating via the internet and therefore there are necessarily more thefts of information.

Your messages now secured

That's why the security of your communications is important to us and we've put in place a feature that will help you secure your messages and save you time. On the platform, you can chat inside a secure space with your customers, greatly minimizing email sending, creating email chains and redundant calls, allowing you to chat effectively and efficiently.

Example of a discussion in a secure area:
  • Request for documents
  • Clarification on the deadline for submitting a document
  • Meeting summary
  • etc.
In short all the messages between you and your customer in the same place and very easy to find if necessary unlike the chains of emails. An email alert is sent for each new message: therefore, no need to always check in the secure area to validate the receipt of a new message.
Finally, you'll find that chatting with TagMyDoc is so much more user-friendly and profitable that you will not want to use other tools for your communications!