Shifting to second gear with the Access Key

We have just released a new thing for sharing your documents: the Document Friendly URL.

This innovative feature further improves your document sharing experience.

For each document stored on TagMyDoc, you now have the possibility to choose a combination of words, letters and/or numbers that will further accelerate the retrieval of your document in all of your readers’ mobile devices.

This unique feature allows a large audience to retrieve the document without having to scan a QR code.

It is a great alternative to the tag in a presentation, especially for larger audiences.

From your computer or your mobile device, simply enter the Friendly URL on your browser's home page and enjoy direct access to the document.

Don't worry about having your document available to your readers forever; you can remove your Friendly URL form your document at anytime!

Our team keeps developing new stuff daily, and we promise we’ll keep surprising you in the near future; so make sure to come visit us regularly.