New use cases for your environment

May you be a student, a professional, a small business, a speaker or a professor; chances are that you have to deal with endless paper documents every day! Oral presentations, work or school-related assignments, event flyers, reports, bills, or business plans; Possibilities are endless!
  • You are a speaker at a conference… and instead of planning how many copies to print in advance and dealing with last minute modifications on multiple versions, simply tag your presentation, and allow the audience to scan your document. They’ll have access to all of its updates, and have the possibility to comment and share their impressions on the presentation. Encourage them to follow your document!
  • You are student… and instead of sending endless e-mails to your teammates, and loosing track of who has the latest version of your group project, simply tag your documents or folders, and use the commenting fields to discuss task division, as well as the versioning features to keep the rest of your teammates updated.
  • You are small business… and instead of dealing with piles of paperwork, making sure you have enough copies for a business meeting, or struggling to retrieve personal e-mails, simply tag your documents, and encourage your colleagues to follow your documents to stay connected to the most recent updates on your documents. TagMyDoc also offers a way to store, tag entire folders, and manage them effectively!
Many more possibilities of usage, and we encourage you to visit our use cases to see how TagMyDoc can help you in your daily life. Don't be shy to share how you use TagMyDoc.