A social network for your documents

May you be in a conference, a lecture, or an event… the idea of handing out tons of documents to a large audience is daunting, but TagMyDoc makes it so much easier for you.
  • Printing documents in advance, making sure you have enough copies for everyone  concerned, struggling with different versions or while trying to retrieve personal e-mails? Stop here and breathe.
  • TagMyDoc neutralizes all of these concerns, and with TagMyDoc’s new social features, it’s easier than ever to comment, update and share documents with other users!

As many of you have already noticed, TagMyDoc’s team has been working hard on providing you with social functionalities that would allow you to further widen and deepen your connection with people by encouraging them to comment, and share their impressions on your documents.
As a document author, it allows you to update new versions and make last minute modifications, and as a reader, it allows you to stay in touch with best and most reliable content of the documents you have chosen to follow.

Following the example mentioned previously, the speaker or lecturer may ask his audience to follow his document and share their impressions on his presentation! In this case, the social features allow users to:
  •  Follow the speaker’s document, and be entitle to its most recent updates
  •  Comment on the speaker’s presentation
  •  Share the presentation via e-mail or social platforms to those whom may concern…
Join the unique social network for documents. You can try out our social features and comment our Quick Start Guide.